Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Curious Beginning - Spotlight

Idgie Says:
Deanna Raybourn’s A CURIOUS BEGINNING, has a new, gorgeous re-packaged cover. I am dying to read it, but haven't made it through my pile yet and as it's released now, decided to go ahead and share.  I do definitely plan on reading this book and will update this post when I can, but in the meantime, you might not want to wait for me!

The follow-up, A PERILIOUS UNDERTAKING, will be out this January.


Paperback Reprint Release
NAL Trade Paperback
July 12, 2016

Veronica Speedwell is not your typical Victorian-era woman. Scoffing at the notion of marriage, she is a lepidopterist by training and has traveled the world searching for rare specimens of butterflies, leading to several series of adventures around the world. However, mere hours after burying the second of the two spinster aunts who raised her, she comes home to find her cottage being ransacked and is saved by the kind, yet mysterious Baron von Stauffenbach, who warns her of impending danger. Thus begins the aptly named A CURIOUS BEGINNING (NAL Trade Paperback Reprint; July 12, 2016; $15.00), now available in trade paperback.

Packing her few belongings (most importantly her trusty butterfly net), Veronica follows the Baron to London where he leaves her in the care of the ill-tempered naturalist, Stoker. However, the Baron himself is brutally murdered and Stoker fears that they may be being set-up to take the fall, he and Veronica elude the authorities. Aided by her sharp wit (and tongue), the hirsute Stoker, and a well-placed hatpin, Veronica flees London. However, there are still mysterious men trying to single her out. And Stoker, keeping his oath to the Baron, tries to keep her safe at any cost. What follows is a series of adventures involving noble families, harrowing boat escapes, a stuffed mouse, and a traveling freak show.

As Veronica and Stoker get closer to uncovering the Baron’s killer, more details emerge about how this is related to Veronica, as there is still a threat to her safety. And that threat is tied to her true parentage.

About the author
Deanna Raybourn is the author of the award-winning, New York Times bestselling Lady Julia Grey mysteries and several standalone novels. She lives in Virginia with her family.