Monday, March 21, 2016

When Falcons Fall

Idgie Says:
I was captivated by the first paragraph!  This is a "fly through the pages" read that involves a dapper aristocrat with a mysterious past that he has spent years trying to resolve (Mainly the niggling thought that he isn't really an aristocrat at all...), a small town with a sudden and mysterious murder and all the magic of  a regency period piece.  

I picked up the book and was 8 chapters in before I knew it.  A great escapist novel that I quite enjoyed and I will continue to follow the series.  

Photo of first page below - that beginning paragraph does grab you!

"When you combine Regency England with a sexy, war-tortured aristocrat who has a plethora of family secrets and a desire to catch vicious killers, it’s no wonder readers are hooked."

 Avid fans and new readers alike will be captivated by WHEN FALCONS FALL: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery (Obsidian Mysteries; Hardcover; March 1, 2016; $25.95), the eleventh installment in the highly acclaimed series, where Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, has come to a seemingly peaceful Shropshire village to honor a slain friend and on a quest to learn more about his own ancestry. But when the body of a lovely widow is found on the banks of the River Teme, a bottle of laudanum at her side, the village’s inexperienced new magistrate turns to St. Cyr for help. In WHEN FALCONS FALL, C.S. Harris has crafted another taut and thrilling historical mystery that proves why The Historical Novels Review has called her a “master of the genre.”