Monday, December 21, 2015

Where's Wilson?

Signed book | Where's Wilson? | children's book | written by Kelly Young-Silverman | illustrated by erin the greatIdgie Says:
I would say this is a perfect bedtime book for young readers 2 to 6 years old.  A lovely book that the child can transition from being read to into reading for themselves, or even reading to their younger siblings. The graphics will keep all ages amused and interested.

Available January 12, 2016
Pre-orders available now

Book Description:
It’s time to go to sleep. But one of the counting sheep from the Sweet Dream Team has gone missing. With bedtime soon approaching, and the town in a fuss, They need to find Wilson. They have to! They must!

Where’s Wilson is a whimsical, illustrated story about Wilson, an important member of the Sweet Dream Team, who wanders away from the team. With bedtime rapidly approaching, the whole community bands together to find Wilson. After all, how can anyone manage to fall asleep if there aren’t enough sheep to count?

Where’s Wilson is a delightful rhyming picture book, complete with fanciful watercolor illustrations that vividly bring the story to life. Children will love the sing-song verses and discovering new objects and characters in the multi-layered pictures.

Where’s Wilson is the second in a series of Evie & Knox night time story books.*