Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Martyrdom - A Coloring Book

Well, this is certainly one of the most interesting coloring books I have come across.  Each page is a fairly horrific death scene.  Gruesome, yes? But also educational.  The death scenes are accompanied by a fully detailed description of how the individual became a saint or martyr, the time period, the manner of death of course, and what they are remembered for today. 

Definitely geared toward toward the youthful crowd - but not too young.  My 14 year old boy had two friends over and they sat and read it out loud to each other in length. They kept yelling for more red crayons.  

This book will need to be approved by the parent before getting into the hands of the children, but if the parents are game, you at least have them reading. 


by Hallie Fryd and illustrated by Julia Gfrörer
Sept. 29, 2015
Zest Books

The lives of the saints are filled with inspiring, life-changing moments—but the deaths of the martyrs are where you’ll find the real “Oh, hell no!” moments of history. This adult (very adult, as the body count will quickly indicate) coloring book gives aspiring crayon and paper artists the chance to hone their craft while buffing up their knowledge of Catholic history and tales. The attending stories will go down pretty easy at cocktail hours as well.

Each intricately detailed illustration leaves plenty of room for interpretation. How will you render the sea that drowned St. Clement (or the anchor that was tied around his neck at the time)? The clubs and arrows that stilled St. Valentine’s heart? The gladiator that finished St. Perpetua? And what about the scene surrounding St. Elmo when he passed on? The lives and deaths of the saints are shockingly detailed, but in the text they always appear in black and white—and now it’s time to color. (Pro tip: Make sure you have more than one red crayon handy.)