Saturday, October 17, 2015

Whose Shadow Do I See

Idgie Says:
This is a very pretty book. Glossy and filled with high quality illustrations on lovely paper stock. It would make a wonderful gift to a young child's book collection.

This is a slim book, heavy on pictures and light on words, making it perfect for just before bed reading.  I would say 4 and under in age, though you might be able stretch that a bit because of the wonderful artwork. 

Rosalind is a local Marietta teacher and this is her 4th children's book.  

Deeds Publishing
Author: Rosalind Bunn
Illustrator: Mark Braught
Available Fall, 2015

Whose Shadow Do I See?

Whose Shadow Do I See? is a bedtime story in which a little boy—who is not ready for the last story to be read and the light to be turned out—imagines that shadows are all sorts of things. Luckily, his grandfather is there to help!

This story is for any child whose vivid imagination has made them fearful of the dark.