Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Visitant

Idgie Says:
A nice Gothic novel involving a rundown mansion in Venice, various people roaming loose in the house, an ill man and perhaps a ghost or two!

Elena is sent to the house to care for Samuel and basically get him off of his drug addiction.  She is receiving no help from the mysterious owners of the home, nor the vibrantly sensual housekeeper and her apparently large brood of family members she is keeping well and feeding nicely from the home. In addition, Samuel doesn't actually want to get better, he sees no need to become clean.  Combine a group of people who refuse to help Elena do her job with the possible need for an exorcism in the home and you have a very creepy story. 


The Visitant

A Venetian Ghost Story

After she nearly ruins her family with a terrible misstep, Elena Spira is sent to Venice to escape disgrace and to atone by caring for the ailing Samuel Farber. But the crumbling and decaying Ca’ Basilio palazzo, where Samuel is ensconced, holds tragic secrets, and little does Elena know how profoundly they will impact her. Soon she begins to sense that she is being watched by something. And when Samuel begins to have hallucinations that make him violent and unpredictable, she can’t deny she’s in mortal danger.

Then impoverished nobleman Nero Basilio, Samuel’s closest friend and the owner of the palazzo, arrives. Elena finds herself entangled with both men in a world where the past seeps into the present and nothing is as it seems. As Elena struggles to discover the haunting truth before it destroys her, a dark force seems to hold Samuel and the Basilio in thrall—is it madness, or something more sinister?