Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Saving Laurel Springs

Idgie Says:
I have had various Lin Stepp books pass over my desk for quite a few years now and I will say this about the Smokey Mountain Series, she has professional appearing books now.  In the past they had amateurish covers and I had mentioned that I felt that might stop readers from looking past them to the pages inside. But she has a new publisher and so far, they are doing right by her.  

Lin is a prolific writer and a very busy woman.  She has about 15 books under her belt, teaches and tours and much more. If you go to her website you get tired for her. 

This is apparently book 8 in a series surrounding an area of the world that she is very familiar with.  These books tell of the world she lives in, the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  I describe the books as wholesome, but not Goody Two Shoes. They contain all of the usual human emotions that come with living, along with a good dollop of romance.

Kensington Publishing
September 29, 2015

Book Description:

In a heartwarming novel set amid the lush splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains, Lin Stepp reunites two kindred spirits in a charming story of first love and surprising second chances…

See ya later—and love you forever, Rhea Dean. Those are the words Rhea’s childhood sweetheart, Carter Layman, used to say whenever they parted. Not that she places much stock in words anymore. After all, Carter drove off to college in California, promising to make a fortune to help save their families’ vacation resort. Instead he stayed there and married someone else. It fell to Rhea to keep Laurel Springs going and she’s done just that, working long hours on the campgrounds, buoyed by the beauty of her Smokies home.
Now a widower with a young son, Carter has achieved huge success as a games developer. But he always planned to return to the spring-fed lake and the soaring mountains, to the covered bridge where he and Rhea made wishes and traded kisses. He’s coming home to turn Laurel Springs into the place they planned to build together. And as he reveals the truth about his past, Rhea must decide whether to trust in the man—and the dreams—she’s never forgotten.