Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Devoted in Death - a Shout Out

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I am far too squeamish to read this book, but anyone that has written 215 books deserves a shout out!


(G.P. Putnam’s Sons Hardcover; September 15, 2015)
J.D. Robb 

In DEVOTED IN DEATH, a couple on a cross-country killing spree end up in New York City.  Ella-Loo and Darryl hit the road innocently enough until things go wrong in Arkansas and a need for murder stokes their desire for more victims.  Their calling card: a heart with their initials carved into the victim’s skin.  Their misstep occurred when they crossed into New York, where it’s up to Lt. Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke to stop them in their tracks.This extraordinary futuristic suspense novel is the perfect read for any women’s fiction fan.

One of the longest-running suspense series currently being published – J.D. Robb’s In Death series – celebrates its 20th year with the forty-first installment this fall, DEVOTED IN DEATH.  While writing one series for twenty years is impressive enough, Robb’s alter-ego is Nora Roberts, and this is her 215th novel overall.

How did this beloved bestselling series come to be?  Roberts writes quickly, and a pseudonym offered her the opportunity to reach a new group of readers.  But she had one stipulation –to write something different from the romance and romantic suspense she’d built her career upon.  She’d been toying with the idea of setting something in the near-future, and the In Death series was born.  The tough Lieutenant Eve Dallas was at the heart of the series – a strong heroine with a dark past.

The In Death series is set in late 21st century New York City, and in writing Lt. Eve Dallas’s story, J.D. Robb has created an empowered, resilient, and realistic character with unwavering purpose.  Robb’s ability to pair gripping and spine-chilling suspense, while exploring the relationships that Eve shares with her husband Roarke, her colleagues, and her close friends, as well as her quick wit, snappy dialogue, and inside jokes, keeps readers devouring each new book as it’s published and re-reading the series again and again.  These traits are also a trademark of Roberts’s gift for storytelling, which has garnered her one of the largest and most dedicated fan bases in the publishing world.

Roberts’s career began in 1979; during a blizzard in rural Maryland, she was stranded indoors with her two rambunctious sons and running low on chocolate and patience.  For sanity’s sake, she picked up a pad and pen and started writing down the tales that she’d always conjured in her head.  Those tales were based on what she liked to read – specifically a great story filled with interesting and realistic characters, where good conquers evil and love conquers all.  The In Death books, while a suspense series set in the future and centered around a female detective, are just that – novels about good conquering evil, family, and love, the hallmarks of a Roberts or Robb novel.
About the Author:
J. D. Robb/Nora Roberts is the bestselling author of more than 200 novels with more than 500 million copies of her books in print worldwide.  Every Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb title released in 2014 hit the New York Times bestseller list, keeping up a streak started in 1999. You can find Robb on the web at www.jdrobb.com or join the discussion on Facebook (jdrobbauthor) with her 130,000 fans.