Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Abnormal Man

Idgie Says:

Alright, where to start with this novel.  It has an interesting backstory in that several publishers turned it down as having too disturbing of a subject matter.  Grant could not find a home for it but felt strongly enough about the story to go ahead and self publish it.  I will admit, that after hearing about all the refusals combined with the fact I'm particularly squeamish about graphically violent books, I did simply sit and look at the book for a bit before ever opening a page. 

I will say this - the book has some graphic scenes of violence and sexuality - but no more than other books by big name authors that I have come across.   I would put it in the realm of James Patterson's Kiss the Girls violence.  There are children in this novel and they are subjected to child pornography and all that goes along with it.  But, it is not described in any detail - unlike other books that I have come across.  I toss books like that across the room and refuse to read them.  I found I was not required to do so with this book, which was a huge relief to me. 

This is not a pretty book.  This is not a happy book.  It deals with very distasteful subject matter. You are asked to have empathy for the main character, who is involved in some very nasty business.  Well, once you read the book you can understand why. 

The writing is strong, the subject intense and the pace fast.  To me, it was a very well written novel with a strong "not for sensitive readers" warning label slapped across it.  But I was pulled in and followed along with the story for the entire ride, even while wincing now and again.


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Create Space Independent Publishing
September, 2015

Book Description:

FATE: Abused at home, a high school outcast destined for a dead-end job, Billy Smith longs to be free--and to indulge his love of setting fires.
CHOICE: One-legged ex-con Frank Dobbs suffers from severe rage disorder, but believes he can save himself by saving Billy.
CHAOS: Sexual predator Chandler Norris has a plan that pits fate and choice against the chaotic spiral of his malignant mind.

"Chaos? Or fate? What brought you here? Were the choices yours, or did something outside of you conspire to bring you to this place? Because out in the woods, in a box buried in the ground, there is a little girl who has no hope of seeing the moon tonight. The moon has forsaken her. Because of you."

About the Author

Grant Jerkins is the author of A Very Simple Crime, which The New York Times called "An extremely nasty study in abnormal psychology." The prize-winning debut was selected by Book of the Month Club, Mystery Guild, QPB, The Literary Guild, and Doubleday Book Club; and has since been optioned for film by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Kazan.

Jerkins is also the author of At the End of the Road, The Ninth Step, and coauthor of Done in One.