Friday, August 7, 2015

Noteworthy Books by George Weinstein

I wanted to bring to your attention a some lovely recent additions to my bookcase.  I met George at a local Indie bookstore event (BookExchange, Marietta, Ga.) and I happened to notice one of his books - The Caretaker.  If you see this book in person the cover absolutely grabs your attention.  I expressed interest and he informed me that he has four books under his belt and I soon had three of them in my hands.

Here is what I love about his writing and books.  Each book is completely different from the others.  Many authors pick a theme and go with it for the entirety of their writing life.  You know their work and you know if you want to continue reading more of their books or not. The stories change but there are no surprises to theme.

With George you have no idea what the next book will be.  I love that in a writer.  To me it expresses a lot of talent. 

While I have not had the opportunity to yet sit down and read each novel, I have flipped through the pages of each enough to know that the writing is strong and the subject matter of all grabs and holds.  I fully intend on reading them, I just have to work my way through my book obligations first.

I recommend you check out this author if you haven't already.

Excerpts of his books can be found by clicking HERE.

George Weinstein is the author of the contemporary novel The Caretaker, the Southern historical novel Hardscrabble Road and the multi-cultural historical novel The Five Destinies of Carlos Moreno.

His work has been published locally in the Atlanta press and in regional and national anthologies, including A Cup of Comfort for Writers. His first novel, the children's motivational adventure Jake and the Tiger Flight, was written for the nonprofit Tiger Flight Foundation, which is dedicated to the mission of leading the young to become the "Pilot in Command" of their lives. He wishes that there had been such an organization in Laurel, Maryland, where he misspent his youth.

George is the former President of the Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) and former everything-
else there too. Having run out of term-limited positions for him, in 2012 the AWC Board
bestowed on George the lifetime title of Officer Emeritus, which means he can never
leave. Not that he would, but it's nice to be wanted. The AWC was established in 1914.
George was established only a few years later; he has a self-portrait in his attic that looks
like hell.

He lives with his wife and three furry, four-legged children in Roswell, GA.