Friday, July 10, 2015

The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel Says:
Finally! After holding one of the original versions of this book in my hands well over a year ago, I have waited impatiently for Kenn to finally decide he was ready to put his latest book to print.

This is a book about Felona.  She is filled to the brim with anger.  One day that anger starts breaking free.  When it does, Whoa!  In a short period of time an amazing amount of chaos occurs around her.  The question is, will she be able to forgive and begin again.........before the anger destroys her completely?

 Kenn has been working diligently on this novel for a while now. I was lucky enough to be able to read one of the earlier versions and speak to him at length about the novel and I can say that I know how much blood, sweat and heart he has put into making sure this novel is all that it can be. The final print version is beautiful. A lot of quality work went into not just the writing, but the end copy itself. Kenn also wrote Pious, a novel, which was fabulously good and intricate - loved it. You need to check that one out too if you haven't already.

Click HERE to read an excerpt featuring chapters 9 & 10 from the Wedding & Disaster of Felona Mabel.

Invisible Ink Press
June, 2015

Book Description:
Felona Mabel is a 32-year old, freckled redhead of mixed heritage who has amassed much success as a news reporter in the populous Admah City.

Two weeks before her wedding day, she's urged to her estranged hometown of Nathaniel where her mother lies comatose and dying. Her abusive mother wishes to not be resuscitated in the event of a declining condition that has been provoked by her chronic battle with lupus.

Felona, intent on some semblance of happily ever after, resolves that her mother's impending death may be necessary closure before her wedding.

But things become complicated very quickly due to ill judgment aggravated by failure to resolve her abusive past.

Before she can move forward, Felona must contend with her worst adversary - herself.

About the Author

Kenn Bivins is the author of two novels, including the critically-acclaimed novel, Pious.
He is also an illustrator whose work has appeared in comic books, advertising and broadcast animation.

Kenn's highly anticipated new release, the Wedding & Disaster of Felona Mabel (Invisible Ennk Press), is an epic redemption story that delves into the complexities of why love suffered from the past defines love expressed in the present.