Friday, July 31, 2015

3 Women Walk Into A Bar

3Womenb (2)Idgie Says:
I found Linda's styling of the book to be really interesting in how all the characters became fully fleshed out - even the dead girls.  No one in the book is a flat filler character.  From the bar owner, to his ex-wife, to each of the girls, they all have their own detailed chapters describing their characters, backgrounds and lives.  While some of this might not be integral to the story of the murders itself, it makes you become invested in everyone involved.  Usually the murder victim is a chalk outline and nothing more. 

The dialogue is snappy and sharp, the murders hold a lot of mystery and questions and the story itself makes for a good read. 

A fun way to while away an afternoon. 


Down & Out Books
June, 2015

Click HERE for an excerpt.

Book Description:
When three women are found shot and killed in an Irish bar in Syracuse, the cops think it’s an open and shut case, pointing the finger at missing bar owner James John Smith, until a mother of one of the victims hires former exotic dancer and karaoke star turned Private Eye, Bill “Free Willy” Tedesco to investigate. Then, the who becomes more important than the why.