Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day....... Happy?

So it's Memorial Day. And I think on all the store vendors when I'm shopping and they are saying Happy Memorial Day, have a good Memorial Day, enjoy your Memorial Day.  I have to think to myself, is this the appropriate greeting and response that we should be using on this day? Do we even remember what this day is all about?

My father went to war in World War 2 when he was 19 years old to give this country what we have today.  He fought hard, he fought long, and he came home seriously psychologically transformed...... never mind the wounds that were healed on his body that garnered him two Purple Hearts.

I don't believe that he, today, would see the gratitude and appropriateness in the fact that the big box stores were holding grand sales in honor of what he gave up to keep our country where it is today.

So I will not say Happy Memorial Day and  enjoy the long weekend. I will say please take some time to think about what the day is for...... and if you see a veteran or somebody in active duty, hell, give them a hug.