Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Selection Event

Idgie Says:

I came across this book on my own while scrolling through Amazon one day about 4 years ago.  Self published, ebook only, post apocalyptic.  NO ZOMBIES!  While on the car ride to the beach last week I found myself reading it again.  Any book that I read twice deserves a shout out I believe. 

The cover DOES NOT match the book itself - looking at it you are led to believe there are zombies and such, not just a flu victim.  

As stated in the Book Description below, (which I did not read before starting the book or the review, but did give validity to my thoughts) this represents to me a modernized version of Earth Abides.  I disagree with the description in that it also follows The Road - it is nothing like that very well written but horrifically sad and empty of hope novel.

It follows closely the premise of that book - a flu wipes out most of civilization, but one man was in seclusion and comes out to find the world completely changed.   Will they survive in this new age, or will they quickly devolve into primitives? Luckily, the ending is a little lighter than Earth Abides, which depressed the heck out of me. 

The characters are strong and alive. Most are fully fleshed out and while some of the premise goes off course, it is fiction and therefore I believe allowed. There is even a dog who is full of life, thoughts, caring and quite likable.  It does have editorial issues, but the book was interesting enough that I overlooked them. 

If you like this type of book, I suggest you give this one a shot.

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Book Description:
In an isolation experiment, Martin Lake had been below-ground for fourteen months and two weeks. He came up on May 30, Wednesday, 11:35 AM. He discovered that civilization had folded its arms across its breast, closed its eyes, and ceased.

When natural selection wipes the slate, there are always a few survivors. Unfortunately, nature does not select for beauty or intelligence.

Selection Event follows in the tradition of Earth Abides and The Road. In the aftermath of the catastrophe, this is what happens next. People open zoos, sabotage dams, and in a final nihilistic fling, several countries have a small nuclear exchange of greetings.

It is into this that Martin Lake awakens and has to find his way.