Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Week at the Lake Shout Out, Excerpt and Giveaway

 A note from Wendy Wax on her new book, A Week at the Lake:
A WEEK AT THE LAKEWe’re only part way through spring and I’m already counting the days until summer. Not just because it’s one of my favorite seasons but because I’m so excited about the
June 23rd release of A Week at the Lake.

I had such fun writing this reunion of three friends who met in New York twenty years ago and whose lake retreats at the cottage of a famed Millionaire’s Row estate in the Adirondacks brought them together each year. That is until they abruptly ended and the ties that bound them frayed.

As I sat at the computer thinking about their friendship—how it began, why it grew and how it supported them through the years—I thought about the wonderful women friends I made during my twenties. And I “heard” myself thinking “let them eat cake.” I wasn’t trying to go all Marie Antoinette or whomever we’ve actually been misquoting all these years. I was remembering my roommates and how we’d celebrate our birthdays with cake and presents for breakfast before heading off to work. I introduced this ritual to the man I married and to our children. Nothing’s sweeter or more decadent than starting a day off with birthday cake. It’s a tradition I always look forward to. And one I’ve bequeathed to my characters Emma Michaels, Mackenzie Hayes and Serena Stockton.


In honor of eating cake for breakfast and to remind everyone that A Week at the Lake is available for pre-order,  I’m giving away a memento of cake, friends and celebration— this Kate Spade coffee mug  and a $25 Starbucks  gift card to use to fill it. The cake that accompanies it is up to you. (I highly recommend chocolate!)

Enter the contest HERE.

Read an excerpt HERE.

P.S.  The trade paperback edition of A Week at the Lake includes a bonus— my e-novella Christmas at the Beach, in print for the very first time.