Monday, March 23, 2015

Kiss of the Jewel Bird

Idgie Says:
 Okay, the first two books of Dale Cramer's that I reviewed dealt with Amish frontier life in Mexico. Wholesome with a bit of an edge. I called them westerns, Dale did not agree but I meant it in a very positive manner. They were enjoyable books. Now I receive a book of his for review that is about a reincarnated man - thousands of years old - currently residing in a chicken and writing a book for a want-to-be author. 

My first reaction was WTH!? My second thought was this is a bizarre change of pace for an author from his other books that I have seen. My third reaction after opening the pages and reading for an hour..... "OMG this is effing fantastic!"

I read it in a day and a half.

Bravo, Dale Cramer, Bravo.

On a much deep level than a chicken who is brilliant with words and smokes cigarettes, this is a story about losing yourself, finding "you" again and taking life chances that you have shied away from.  It's a convoluted fantastical tale, too unreal to believe - but that's part of the draw of the book, that and the writing itself. 

As I am writing to you, highly recommending that you read this book, I am also wondering if Stephen King owns birds...............

Recipient of the Ferrol Sams Award for Fiction
Kiss of the Jewel Bird
By author: Dale Cramer
Mercer University Press
March 16, 2015

Good ole boy Dickie Frye vanishes from the Georgia hills and the urbane Fletcher Carlyle bursts onto the New York publishing scene, winning the Nobel Prize for literature. But when a psychotic rampage lands Carlyle in Weatherhaven, eminent psychologist Anton Kohl finds himself talking to Dickie Frye. Kohl’s instincts tell him Frye is not lying—but what he says can’t possibly be true.

A fallen priest comes out of Sumerian mythology, the love of Kohl’s life comes out of his past, and a chicken comes out of a posh apartment on Central Park West to meet his fate. Anton Kohl’s carefully constructed world is about to be deconstructed.

One part fable and one part Southern yarn, Kiss of the Jewel Bird soars from ancient Mesopotamia to modern-day Manhattan, rewriting history and opening a window onto a wider, more magical world, where the path to destiny is anything but straight.