Friday, November 28, 2014

A Cup of Christmas - an anthology to help promote literacy!

A Cup of Christmas Anthology

Launch Date: 12/02/2014                                                               
Available: Amazon Kindle Only
Promotional Pricing: Free 12/02/2014 to 12/05/2014             Pricing: 0.99 (after 12/05/2014)

A Cup of Christmas is a lovely mixture of award winning authors, traditionally published, self-published, and never before published writers. Each piece offers an insight to why the written word is so powerful. Christmases remembered through the years, family traditions, heartwarming stories, and funny stories. Just how did Daddy shoot the Christmas tree? Romance, an urban fantasy, a mysterious ethereal boy, an elderly man with a new lease on life, a dog wedding, Santa in love, a Texas beauty pageant, Rich’s Department Store remembered, a Vietnam Christmas, and a fairy tale about wanting your heart’s desire. The list goes on . . .

All proceeds from the sale of A Cup of Christmas will be donated to the children’s literacy charity, First Book.  First Book addresses one of the fundamentals affecting literacy with children – access to books.  To date, they have distributed over 120 million new books to children in both the United States and Canada.   (

Contributing authors to A Cup of Christmas include:
Morgen Bailey
Rosemary Dixon
Beth Crews Rommel
Tori Bailey
Bonnie Dodge
Jackie Rod
Barbara Barth
Audrey Frank
Helen Ross
Rena Blain
Cynthia Graubart
Jamie Salisbury
Jackie Bouchard
Tara Joyner Haussler
Lane Sebesta
Kimberly Brock
Jane-Ann Heitmueller
R. Leonia Shea
Karen N. Brown
Howard Johnson
DJ Thomason
Ramsay Brown
Georgia Lee
Penny (PEN) White
Doug Dahlgren
Deborah Myers Lewis
Renea Winchester
Annie Ray Davis
Karen E. Martin

Kerry Alan Denney
Michael W. Paul