Monday, October 13, 2014

The Remedy for Love - Idgie gives it a Gold Star!

Idgie Says:
Stupendous!  Buy it immediately!  I'm tortured as I write this because right now it's June and no one can share in the the wonder of this book with me until October, when you Dear Reader, will be able to grab a copy. This novel contains nothing but fabulous, invigorating word play that keeps you invested from the first page. I don't get this excited about a book very often and when I do I want everyone to read it!

Eric and Danielle both have stories, Danielle's obviously deeper, harder and mentally harrowing.  She appears to have an instability, a psychosis - who knows how much of her story, which comes in fits and starts and lies - is true.  Eric's story also comes in spurts, but it's much tamer and I think he does come to realize after a while that his own pity party has nothing on her.  

Both parties have excellent vocabularies that sling back and forth toward each other with caustic biting sentences and sharp wit.

It's a match made in heaven - Eric desperately wants someone to love and care for, and Danielle is desperately lonely - but also desperately suspicious and afraid. 

Together they must survive a horrific snowstorm with little food, a cabin that is slowly heading downhill toward the river and trust issues on both sides. 

Finally, let's talk Food!  Never has survival food sounded better than my cooking - trap me in a cabin with Eric any day, it's like he's a MacGyver of vegetables and Mac and Cheese!


The Remedy for Love
Bill Roorbach
On sale date: 10-14-2014
PAGES: 352
ISBN: 97-8-16162-033-1
LIST PRICE: $24.95

Book Description:
For three days, two strangers are stranded together during a ferocious winter storm in this spellbinding new novel from the acclaimed author of Life Among Giants.

They’re calling it the “storm of the century,” so Eric stops at the market for provisions on his way home from work. But when Danielle, the unkempt and seemingly unstable young woman in front of him in line, comes up short of cash, a kind of old-school charity takes hold of his heart–twenty bucks and a ride home. It’s the least he can do, right? The trouble is, she doesn’t really have a home. She’s squatting in a cabin deep in the woods, with no electricity and no heat, nothing but the nearby river to sustain her. Eric tries to walk away, but she’s his problem now–that charitable feeling again. She’ll need food, water, firewood. And that’s just to get her through the storm: there’s a whole Maine winter ahead. She clearly doesn’t realize the trouble she’s in. Neither does Eric: the snow is coming down with historic speed and violence.

He gets her set up, departs with relief, climbs to the road; it’s a job well done. But his car has been towed with his phone inside. There’s no choice but to return to the cabin. Danielle is terrified, then merely hostile–who is this guy with his big idea that it’s she who needs rescuing? As the snow keeps mounting–they’re forced to ride out the storm together. For better and for worse.
Intensely moving and frequently funny, The Remedy for Love is a harrowing story about the truths we reveal when there is no time or space for artifice.

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