Monday, September 29, 2014

Treasure Coast and Brash Books

Idgie Says:
Okay, I have to admit this up front.  The computer ate my review.  I went in to tweak it and "something" happened.  Zap.  Pop.  Poof.  No more review.  Back-up?  Never have them for a review, my website has autosave.  Unless, apparently, you hit a wrong button. 

Therefore, this is no longer a review, but a shout out.  I simple did not have the time to recreate it.  BUT... I do have a special treat for you.  A really, really long excerpt!  You can find it HERE.  Now, you might notice that it seems to be on my own site in a different year...  Simply because it was too long for the front page and I had to put it somewhere to link it - so I put it safely tucked into my site.. unless I hit a wrong button again.  

The book is fun - at least that's what I said the first time.  Give it a try - read the excerpt - that will give you a fine example of the book!


Paperback: 370 pages
Publisher: Brash Books (September 2, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 194129801X
ISBN-13: 978-1941298015

Break out the champagne, there’s a new publisher in town!  Brash Books is their name and only the best in crime fiction is their game. 
Launching in September, Brash Books is the brainchild of Lee Goldberg, author of more than 40 books including the bestselling Fox & O’Hare series with Janet Evanovich, and Joel Goldman, author of the hugely successful and award-winning Lou Mason, Jack David, and Alex Stone series. Lee and Joel decided to do something never done before—publish the best mysteries, police procedurals, thrillers, and spy novels of the last 30 years—as well as innovative new titles that will be the among the best of the next 30 years. 
In other words, Brash Books publishes the best crime novels in existence. Their roster features an unparalleled list of highly acclaimed Edgar, Shamus, Anthony and National Book Award-winning or nominated titles.

First up for Brash, Tom Kakonis’s TREASURE COAST is a new novel described as “Get Shorty” meets “No Country for Old Men.”
A compulsive gambler goes to his sister’s funeral on Florida’s Treasure Coast and gets saddled with her loser-son, who is deep in debt to a vicious loan shark who sends a pair of sociopathic thugs to collect on the loan. But things go horribly awry and the gambler finds himself in the center of an outrageous kidnapping plot involving a conman selling mail-order tombstones, a psychic who channels the dead, and the erotically super-charged wife of a wealthy businessman.


About the Author

Master of Crime Fiction Tom Kakonis has been hailed by critics nationwide as the heir-apparent to Elmore Leonard… and for good reason. His stunning thrillers blend dark humor with gritty storytelling for compelling, and innovative crime noir capers packed with unique, sharply drawn characters and shocking twists. All of those talents are on full display in Treasure Coast, his bold new thriller from Brash Books. But that success is built on a foundation of incredible crime writing. In his highly-praised debut Michigan Roll, Kakonis introduced Tim Waverly – a loveable gambler who constantly finds himself playing a game of survival against the odds. The Waverly series continued with Double Down and Shadow Counter, and Kakonis also penned the hilarious and harrowing Christmas car heist Criss Cross. Kakonis took a darker turn with Blind Spot and Flawless, two mind-blowing thrillers he initially wrote under the pseudonym “Adam Barrow.” Blind Spot is a tour-de-force that tracks a father’s relentless, driving obsession to save his family at any cost, while Flawless, picked as a People Magazine Chiller of the Week, centers on a chilling serial killer as his perfectly-ordered life begins to crumbled when he falls in love, his imprisoned father is released, and a relentless, and sleazy, PI starts to follow the trail of bodies to his door. And now Tom Kakonis is back with the thriller his fans have been waiting to read for years. It was worth the wait. Treasure Coast Is “Get Shorty” meets “No Country for Old Men” on a sunny Florida coast that’s teeming with conmen and killers – and marks the return of Tom Kakonis at his best.  

Treasure Coast is one of the first releases from the new publishing company, Brash Books. Bestselling authors Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman created Brash to publish “the best crime novels in existence.”