Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hannibal, Enemy of Rome

Hannibal, Enemy of Rome
Ben Kane
St. Martin's Press
May 27, 2014

First book in a series.

Idgie Says: 
At almost 500 pages, this is a nice hearty book that you don't want to read unless you're ready to settle in and spend some serious time with it.  Now to me, that sounds fantastic!  I love books I know I get to hang out with for more than a day. This book is chock full of historical content, epic war scenes, and a good set of fictional characters to follow through the events to keep you engaged in the storyline.  Also, as this is being touted as part of a series, you can plan on engaging with and continuing the saga of these characters for quite a while longer.

Book Description:
The great Carthaginian general, Hannibal, has never forgotten the defeat and humiliation of his people by Rome. Now he plans his revenge and the destruction of the old enemy. While Hannibal prepares for war, Hanno, the son of one of his most trusted military commanders goes out fishing with Suni, his best friend ― and is washed out to sea. Captured by pirates, transported to an Italian slave market, one of the boys is sold as a gladiator, the other as a field slave. Both believe that they will never see home or family again.

Against all probability, Hanno strikes up a relationship with Quintus and Aurelia, his Roman master’s children. But trouble is never far away. As the Second Punic War begins, pulling the world into chaos, Hanno’s life is threatened by a cruel overseer, while his friend battles to survive as a gladiator. The destiny of all four young people ― Roman and Carthaginian ― is to be an extraordinary one. So too is that of their families. The devastating war unleashed upon Rome by Hannibal will change all of their lives ― and history ― forever.