Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nothing Personal - A Novel of Wall Street

Idgie Says: 
I suggest you read this book, and then follow it up with The Wolf of Wall Street movie and that Gordan Gecko Wall Street movie.  Get your complete fix of rich, greedy, conniving financial investors! A throwback to the 80's financial boon, it's a great look at how to rise, find out a little too much and wonder if it's too late to backtrack before it they find you.

This novel allows you to feel hostility, loathing and pity at the same time. 


Mike Offit
Thomas Dunne Books 
February 11, 2014

There is no better thriller than one including sex, deceit, power, and money. Lots of money. Wall Street money. Dangerous money. The kind of money where year-end bonuses exceed most people’s life savings.

The rewards of Wall Street come fast and furious. Too fast for some; not fast enough for others. The Street is where big money is made and it’s all based on the same drive―greed.

NOTHING PERSONAL: A Novel of Wall Street (Thomas Dunne Books; Feb. 11, 2014; $25.99), is the dazzling coming of age story of Warren Hament, a bright young man who stumbles into a career in finance in the early 1980s. His rapid rise exposes the inner workings of the amoral, crude, and brutal world of top-tier investment banking as only a true insider could know them. 

Introduced to the seductive, elite bastions of wealth and privilege, with his beautiful and ambitious girlfriend pushing him, he gets a major career boost when first his patrician mentor is murdered. Then, when a dangerous and powerful rival is bludgeoned to death in the middle of a tryst with a young financial analyst, Warren soon finds himself at the center of a whirlwind investigation of four deaths, in control of a vast and hidden fortune, and in love with a gorgeous woman whose past may hold the key to unlocking the mystery, before the killer comes calling again.

The blood-soaked trail leads to vast wealth and limitless risk as he uncovers unexpected opportunity and unknown dangers at every turn and must face moral dilemmas he’s wholly unprepared for.

Set in the luxurious homes and clubs of New York, Hobe Sound, Dark Harbor, the Hamptons, and Europe, NOTHING PERSONAL is a stellar debut literary thriller of 1980s Wall Street that follows an increasingly jaded protagonist in a rarefied, deeply corrupt world. Offit, a former senior insider, unflinchingly divulges the Street’s most hideous abuses and portrays the insidious, creeping forces of greed, sex, and power―and the terrible price paid in their thrall.

Mike Offit began a Wall Street real estate trading career after graduating from Brown University and obtained significant success on the Street. After his departure, he turned back to his original passion: writing. He lives in New York City.