Friday, February 21, 2014

Burn, Book 3 of the Pure Trilogy

Julianna Baggott
Publication Date: February, 2014
Grand Central Publishing

Book 3 of the PURE trilogy

Idgie Says:
I read Pure and I read Fuse.  I was a little in anguish in the fact that at the end of Fuse the survivors, revolutionaries - whatever you choose to call them - found an Eden of sorts and the book ended.  Then I had to wait and wait for the next book. 

I  grabbed Burn when it showed up in my mail, eager for the conclusion of the story.  As with the first two books, the characters are strongly alive, filled with confusion, fear, hate, and love.  They change their minds, their roles, they admit to being unsure of what their roles in life actually are - in other words, extremely human. There is a lot of confusion in who's good, who's bad and who's simply surviving. 

I will say now that neither Book 2 nor this one are stand alone - you simply cannot jump into the plot and understand what's going on if you don't begin with Pure.  These books do start immediately from where the story in the previous book ends.  

The battle between the Dome and the Wretches is in full force.  Partridge is one confused boy.  We do need to remind ourselves that he is basically a very sheltered boy thrown into the middle of things.  He doesn't always make smart choices.  Pressia, on the other hand, has pretty much been an adult since she was a child.  As one of the wretches, every day involves survival skills.  The other men in her life suffer from deep remorse over their past actions and are filled with survivor's guilt.  Altogether it makes for a YA story unusually deep in emotion.

I will say that though the ending does leave it open for another book, should the author choose to write one - I believe that this is the final book. It leaves what happens "after" to the imagination.
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Book Description:
With his father now dead, Partridge has assumed leadership of the Dome, one of the last few refuges from the ravaged wastelands of the outside world. At first, Partridge is intent on exposing his father's lies, taking down the rigid order of the Dome, and uniting its citizens with the disfigured Wretches on the outside. But from his new position of power, things are far more complex and potentially dangerous than he could have ever imagined.

On the outside, a band of survivors faces a treacherous journey to Dome. Pressia carries with her the key to salvation. If she can get it to the Dome, the Wretches could one day be healed and everyone might be able to put the horrors of the past behind them. Bradwell, the revolutionary, cannot forgive so easily. Despite Pressia's pleas, he is determined to bring down the Dome and hold its citizens accountable for leaving the rest of the world to burn. El Capitan, the former rebel leader, wants to help Pressia save as many lives as possible--but he's struggling to reconcile his newfound compassion with his vicious past.

As former allies become potential enemies, the fate of the world is more uncertain than ever. Will humanity fall to destruction? Or will a new world rise from the ashes?