Monday, December 2, 2013


Idgie Says:
Amy grew up a loner due to having weird parents and smelling like cat pee all the time.  But when she hit puberty she developed super powers along with boobs.  Soon she became a vigilante/Robin Hood type of superhero......but as with all stories involving women and their work habits, she lost out on promotions because she always seemed to leave early for work - not for kids, but for crime.  While Clark Kent got away with it, apparently Amy cannot.  

A fun filled graphic novel (a-hum...comic book for adults) that shows a woman's struggle with friends, family, love, work.................and electric bolts that shoot out of her hands.

Sage Stossel
InkLit (December 3, 2013)

Book Description:
For Amy Sturgess, life in the big city comes with even bigger problems. Her marketing career is being derailed by a conniving coworker stealing her accounts. Her family crises range from her down-and-out brother running afoul of the law to her mother’s growing affections for the house cats. And Amy’s love life just flatlined thanks to an unexpected reunion with the one that got away—who’s now engaged.

When Xanax and therapy fail to relieve her stress, Amy does what any young woman in her position would do: She uses her superstrength, speed, flight, and ability to generate 750 volts from her hands to fight crime as the mysterious masked vigilante Starling. But while Starling is hailed as a superhero, will Amy remain a super-zero?