Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Four Novels of The Great War Era

The Dew has 4 novels coming up for review between December and January - all center around the Great War itself, or at least the time period.

I will have them as separate reviews, but if you're interested in that time period know that there's a quite a few books available for you shortly.

Undressing Mr. Darcy is the most current of the books, based in this time period but constantly referencing the "Mr. Darcy Era", so while not technically of that time period, it's close enough to join the gang.  It's also the most fun to read - being a Rom Com of books.

Stella Bain was my favorite.  Sparse writing that gets to the meat of the matter without a lot of fluff.  It has a deep mystery involving Stella's past that she herself has to rediscover.  You stay intrigued, anticipating her next actions.

Somewhere in France has the most romantic plot line - straight out of Harlequin, but with a sturdier heroine. I enjoyed the escapism of it.

The memory of Lost Senses is the largest book - a nice sized tome filled with mysterious people and mysterious pasts.  You can really sink into this one and stay to visit a while.

Finally on December 15th I will be re-posting "While We Were Watching Downton Abbey" by Wendy Wax as it releases it's Mass Market Edition.  Current time period, embracing some of the styles of the past time, while watching the show!

This appears to be a very popular time period in novels these days so I hope you enjoy the books as they become available to you!