Monday, November 11, 2013

Memory's Mist

Idgie Says:
This is the fourth book of Jackie's that the Dew has reviewed and each one has been enjoyed.  Jackie is a wonderfully sweet and warm human being and this comes across so well in his stories of life.  Gentle humor, wisely learned lessons and empathy pour from his pages.  

Stories range from cell phones, jeans that fit, celebrities being real, family, and being one upped by Patti Callahan Henry.  

I enjoy the stories as they are perfect for short breaks in your day - sit down for a bit of time, enjoy some of Jackie's humor or humanity, whichever direction the  chapter picked might be, and then continue on with your day.   


Memory's Mist
Author: Jackie K. Cooper
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publication Date: September 3, 2013

MEMORY'S MIST is a collection of personal essays about life in the South as seen through the eyes of author Jackie K. Cooper. The stories contained hold up a mirror upon which the shared traits and experiences of life can be seen. Some of the experiences shared are humorous, some are sad, some are dramatic, and some are life affirming. Through them all runs a ribbon of hope and optimism. As Cooper reflects back on his past, the vision has been somewhat dimmed by the mist of memory but—with the help of family and friends—he is able to part the mist and have a clear view of the past which in many ways signals the future. As with his other books Cooper finds life full of surprises and simple joys amid the tumultuous and uncertain lives we all live.