Monday, November 25, 2013

Dead Man's Time

Dead Man's Time
Author: Peter James
Series: Detective Superintendent Roy Grace (Book 9)
Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Minotaur Books (October 15, 2013)

Book Description:
In Dead Man's Time, the latest from international bestselling author Peter James, Roy Grace finds himself up against that most dangerous of all adversaries—a man with fury in his heart who has nothing to lose.

New York, 1922.  Five-year-old Gavin Daly and his seven-year-old sister, Aileen, are boarding the SS Mauretania to Dublin—and safety. Their mother has been shot and their Irish mobster father abducted. Suddenly, a messenger hands Gavin a piece of paper on which are written four names and eleven numbers, a cryptic message that will haunt him all his life, and his father's pocket watch.  As the ship sails, Gavin watches Manhattan fade into the dusk and makes a promise, that one day he will return and find his father.

Brighton, 2012.  Detective Superintendent Roy Grace investigates a savage burglary in Brighton, in which an old lady is murdered and £10m of antiques have been taken, including a rare vintage watch.  To Grace’s surprise, the antiques are unimportant to her family—it is the watch they want back.  As his investigation probes deeper, he realizes he has kicked over a hornets nest of new and ancient hatreds.  At its heart is one man, Gavin Daly, the dead woman’s ninety-five-year-old brother.  He has a score to settle and a promise to keep—both of which lead to a murderous trail linking the antiques world of Brighton, the crime fraternity of Spain’s Marbella, and New York.
Roy Grace, in a race against the clock to stop another killing, has met his most dangerous adversary yet.

Idgie Says:
I have not read any of the books in this series before, but it's a well done novel that can stand alone - which is very rare these days.  Refreshing.  I loved how very British the novel is.  Probably if I were British I wouldn't notice, but it's distinctly an international book which somehow gave it that extra flair.  

It's somewhat graphic in it's descriptions of violence - but it is a violent story so that goes along with the rest.  I was a bit horrified at how the violence was aimed toward a 98 year old woman, but again, sadly, real life also has this so it was not out of place in the story. 

A story that reaches almost 100 years into the past with revenge and murder at the heart of it - it keeps you interested the entire time.   A nice hearty sized book that you can really spend some quality time with.