Monday, October 28, 2013

The Christmas Cookie Collection

Idgie Says:
Lori Wilde is one of those authors that never sleeps.  I regularly receive another one of her books for review on a six month rotation.  I am not reviewing this book but if you've read any of my reviews regarding her other books, you know the characters are smart, sassy, sarcastic and you get the warm fuzzies reading about them.  If you have an interest in a compilation of romantic holiday stories to escape into for a while, this would be the book. 


It’s that time again (well, almost)! The time for caroling, snowflakes, presents wrapped in dazzling paper, and—of course—cookies. We all know cookies are delicious and sweetly comforting, but leave it to bestselling author Lori Wilde to make them the center of a Twilight, Texas tradition: if you leave kismet cookies under your pillow on Christmas Eve and dream of the one you love, he will become your fate. In THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE COLLECTION (October 29th), Wilde offers readers a chance to read three never-before-seen stories of Christmas love in Twilight, plus one brand new story—she is clearly in the giving spirit.

Carrie: When Carrie was barely eighteen, she and her beloved, Mark, ran off to Las Vegas to elope. Once they returned home, Mark’s parents forced an annulment… and he didn’t seem to mind.  Now years later and back for redemption, but does he really have what it takes to be with Carrie?

Raylene: Raylene had been keeping a dark secret for too long, and when her husband finds out, he is eager to split. But when she finds out that the down-on-her-luck young woman she hired is actually the daughter she sold to help her husband get a leg up in life, she is hoping the Christmas spirit will reunite them in forgiveness.

Christine: Christine is a brilliant baker—she could mix anything together and somehow end up with the most delicious cookies in the world. If only she had such a way with love! But when Eli Borden strides into her shop, a flicker of hope fills her heart, while her brain tells her there’s no way she’d make it work with “the best kisser ever.”

Grace: Flynn and Jesse Calloway couldn’t be more excited for their present this Christmas: a baby on the way! Unfortunately, nothing can be easy. When Flynn’s car hits a patch of ice which puts herself and her unborn child in danger, Jesse must do everything within his power (and even out of his power) to save his wife and baby.