Monday, September 16, 2013

Tropic of Darkness

Tropic of Darkness
Author: Tony Richards
Publisher: Pocket Star eBooks
Publication Date: September 16, 2013

Book Description:
Available on ebook, an original full-length supernatural thriller set in Havana, Cuba, from an acclaimed Bram Stoker Award-nominated author.
Jack Gilliard is a man with a dark past, and he hasn’t been back to the United States for more than a decade. But when he washes up in Havana, Cuba, he finds himself being drawn into a business darker than he ever dared think. Ancient passions, ancient treacheries, an age-old curse, and the evils of his past are now consuming the present—and Jack is caught in the midst of it all. 

To survive, all he has to do is leave the country—a prospect much more difficult than anticipated. But the real question is: can Jack escape before the darkness claims him altogether?

Idgie Says: 
This novel is going to be published as an eBook only, but I was lucky enough to be able to get a print copy for review.  It turned out to be a nice, fast, supernatural read.  Filled with Voodoo, 200 year old curses, beautiful ghosts and the nightclubs of Havana, the story sucks you in and keeps you interested throughout the struggle of various men to escape the clutches of a curse.

The one thing that I found lacking was any type of character build-up for the lead character - Jack.  The surrounding characters tended to be much more interesting than he was.  He remained a blank slate throughout the story to me.  I didn't really care what happened to him.  

But at the same time, the story intrigued enough that while Jack remained blank, the story chugged along nicely and the side characters rounded out the story and kept you in it's grip.

For 1.99, you can't go wrong!