Monday, July 15, 2013

The King's Deception

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This novel has it all - terrorists, the CIA, hidden secrets going all the way back to the Tudor throne, struggles for independence from other countries, secret societies, and at the end............a big juicy WOW secret uncovered. 

Very "Dan Brownish" in essence, but not a copy of the The Davinci Code - it's stands alone with it's own mystery and story line.

I don't want to go out on a sexist limb, but I feel that it's a nice hearty book veering toward the male reader.  Women can also enjoy it of course, but so many novels are aimed at women these days I like to point out ones that a man can safely pick up without fear of "girlie sections".  :)

At 400 pages you can really dig into the novel.... and the mystery!


The King's Deception
Author: Steve Berry
Ballantine Books
June, 2013

Book 8 in the Cotton Malone series.

Book Description:
Steve Berry’s new Cotton Malone adventure blends gripping international political intrigue, Tudor treachery, and high-octane thrills into one riveting novel of suspense.

Cotton Malone and his fifteen-year-old son, Gary, are headed to Europe. As a favor to his old boss at the Justice Department, Malone agrees to escort a teenage fugitive back to England.  After a gunpoint greeting in London in which both the fugitive and Gary disappear, Malone learns that he’s stumbled into a high-stakes diplomatic showdown-an international incident fueled by geopolitical gamesmanship and shocking Tudor secrets.

At its heart is the Libyan terrorist convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103, who is set to be released by Scottish authorities for ‘humanitarian reasons.’  An outraged American government wants that stopped, but nothing can persuade the British to intervene.

Except, perhaps, Operation King’s Deception.

Run by the CIA, the operation aims to solve a centuries-old mystery, one that could rock Great Britain to its royal foundations.

CIA Operative Blake Antrim, in charge of King’s Deception, is hunting for the spark that could rekindle a most dangerous fire:  the one thing that every Irish national has sought for centuries-a legal reason why the English must leave Northern Ireland.  The answer is a long-buried secret that calls into question the legitimacy of the entire 45 year reign of Elizabeth I, the last Tudor monarch, who completed the conquest of Ireland and seized much of its land. But Antrim also has a more personal agenda, a twisted game of revenge in which Gary is a pawn.  With assassins, traitors, spies, and dangerous disciples of a secret society closing in, Malone is caught in a lethal bind.  To save Gary he must play one treacherous player against another-and only by uncovering the incredible truth can he hope to stop the shattering consequences of the King’s Deception.

Read an excerpt HERE.