Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Hunger in the Heart

A Hunger in the Heart
Author: Kaye Park Hinckley
Publisher: Tuscany Press, LLC; 1 edition (March 9, 2013)
Soon in Hardback also

Book Description:
 It is 1955 Florida, and Kaye Park Hinckley’s debut novel, A Hunger in the Heart, brings it alive with memorable flawed characters who all desire something. Sarah Neal longs for her husband, Putt, a WWII hero with a traumatic brain injury, to be like he was before the war. Because he can’t be, she fills her longing with whiskey. Coleman, their son, needs his father and wants his mother’s love and affection. C.P., the B.O.S.S. of Gator Town, Florida, and Putt’s dad and Coleman’s grandfather, wants everything to be normal, and he yearns for his dead wife’s forgiveness.

They all must learn how to live through tragedy and treachery when Putt is accused of a heinous crime. Fig, the gardener, with commonsense wisdom explains to Coleman, “. . . a hero makes a choice to put somebody else ahead of himself,” and Anna, Coleman’s first love, teaches him the most valuable lesson of all.

Idgie Says:
A very well represented view of a small Southern town in the 50's - where everyone tries so very hard to keep up a certain set of appearances, but behind closed doors there are big secrets and hidden agendas.

We have a aged man who spends his days inadvertently embarrassing his wife, who in turn deals with the embarrassment from behind the bottle.  We have a mystery in the past that is slowly climbing to the surface and could shatter more than a few lives, and we also have the every day prejudices, racial and otherwise, that are dealt with in a small town.

Kaye does a fine job of bringing this town and it's characters to life.