Monday, April 8, 2013

Making It

Making It
A Novel of Madison Avenue
Author: Helen Klein Ross
Publisher: Pocket Star EBooks
Simon and Schuster Digital Sales
Publication Date: March 18, 2013

Book Description:
From the award-winning author who tweets @BettyDraper comes a debut eBook original about contemporary advertising world shenanigans as experienced by a high-powered, bread-winning mom in the vein of Allison Pearson’s I Don’t Know How She Does It.
 Successful, feisty, and approaching a Certain Age, Audrey is afraid of becoming obsolete in the ever-changing advertising business. She has worked for the Madison Avenue firm Tadd Collins for nearly twenty years. When the firm acquires a smaller company, she is promoted and partnered with Kabal Prakash, an ambitious, attractive hotshot from London. Meanwhile, frustration mounts at home as she unsuccessfully tries to help her teenage son, Paley, get into her old alma mater. As she flirts with a relationship with her new boss Kabal, her irritation with her husband grows. Should Audrey give in to her new boss and his youthful corporate ambition? Can she cut it in a quickly changing industry? Or does she belong with her gray-ponytailed husband, whose only ambition is to perfect his recipe for mead?

Idgie Says:
Okay, first off, I know I always say the Dew doesn't review ebooks - just to keep myself out of hot water let me tell you that I did actually receive a print copy of this ebook.  :)  Thank you Pocket Star for being so accommodating to my Luddite ways.

Now, on to the story.  It's written in a sharp-witted and biting manner and describes life in the corporate hell-hole of mergers, acquisitions, aging-out and ladder climbing. 

Audrey has been climbing the ladder at her advertising agency for years and is still stuck with the tampon ads.  Her husband's career collapsed years ago and she hides the resentment that she secretly feels about his house husband status.

Let me say that what happens to her the in the first part of the story..... I would have beaten someone had it happened to me.

A good novel that keeps you interested on climbing that ladder, and what happens when you start to get somewhere.....are you willing to step on others to "Make It"?