Friday, January 18, 2013

The Old Weird South

The Old Weird South
Edited by Tim Westover
Publisher: QW Publishers
Publication Date: December 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9849748-1-8

Book Description:
This collection of twenty four new stories explores the supernatural side of the American South. Stretching from the Civil War to the present day, these stories visit mysterious bingo parlors and meet devils at the crossroads; they see battles in Florida’s citrus orchards and explore haunted bed & breakfasts. The authors included here speak with as many voices as the South itself, sometimes with great literary skill and sometimes spinning yarns from the front porch. The Old Weird South showcases the eerie, spooky, macabre, and supernatural that is an essential part of the character and literature of the South.

Note: Go to the publisher's page HERE.  They have a few excerpts available for reading.

Idgie Says:
This book is one classified as a Fun Read.  Chock full of short Southern tales describing strange mystical or ghostly events.  A great book to carry around with you and grab a story at lunch, one at bedtime, etc.

The first story of the book really grabbed me  - a ghost dog who shows up throughout the ages in the same location, only when someone needs rescue.  Another story shares where the Devil at the Crossroads is actually a pretty nice guy.  One more favorite of mine is the funny looking fat sheep that mysteriously manages to throw food boxes off trains to starving families.  Finally, why does no one ever question the toll taken on a Healer, when they use their precious gift to heal others?

24 great stories and Tim did a fantastic job of finding ones that grab and stick.

Go grab yourself a copy of this right away.