Thursday, January 3, 2013

After the Rain

After The Rain
Author: Karen White
Originally published in 2003 by Zebra
Repub Date: 12.31.2012
Publisher: NAL Accent
ISBN: 978-0-451-23968-6

Book Description:
In the novel FALLING HOME, Karen White introduced readers to the magic of small town Walton, Georgia, and a charming cast of characters who captured our hearts. Who can resist a return trip…especially when love is about to transform the lives of two very special people?

When photographer Suzanne Paris lands in Walton, Georgia, she’s pretty sure she’s never seen a town so small—or quite so disquieting. It’s a far cry from the life she left behind—and Joe Warner is nothing like any man she’s known in the past.

Idgie says:
A woman gets off a bus and strolls into a small Southern town with a made up name, badly dyed hair, cash literally falling out of her purse and looking for a place to stay.   She's got an attitude and a chip on her shoulder big enough to kill someone.  What does this small Southern town do?  Welcome her with good generations-bred hospitality of course.

I don't want to give much away here but let's just say Suzanne is obviously hiding - something and from someone.  There's a huge mystery surrounding her life.  The mystery only grows as one of the town elders - the devilishly wonderful Ms. Lena - acts as if she recognizes her. 

The fun of this novel is waiting in anticipation to see what all the mysteries are, and if Suzanne will ever feel "safe" enough to stay around and let the town continue to embrace her. The town and the hot mayor with SIX kids!

A different story than the more recent Karen novels, and I enjoyed it just as much.

PS - don't let teenagers read it - they'll get far too many ideas!

Read an excerpt HERE.

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