Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Note from Idgie

Well, it's been another great year for the Dew.

Books pouring onto the desk from publishers, publicists and the authors themselves.  Stories from far flung lands, along with the local regional gems.  New books, authors, writers and friends found along the way.  Fantastic book events that I was so very lucky to get to attend.

The Dew had an incredibly busy 2012. 

Toward the end of the year, with a small threat of burnout looming, I took a moment to re-evaluate the year, what was accomplished and how to go forward.

Throughout the years that I've had the Dew up and running I've experienced several moments of tiredness and thoughts about taking a break.  Then I go back into the archives and see what wonderful things the past year has brought and I immediately take back those nasty silly thoughts and become energized for the next year.

I have to admit though that my life has become more hectic in recent times and I often feel like I'm juggling on a high wire with live chickens.  Therefore I've decided, so that the quality of the Dew won't suffer, I might just slow it down a teensy bit. 

There might be one or two less stories or reviews presented each week. 

I might require cleaner formatting and editing on stories that are submitted to the Dew, so that there's less time spent on this end getting it "reader-ready". Requiring stronger proofreading so that catch up editing on my end after submissions won't occur.

There might be a very interesting article about writing shared with ya'll instead of a story.  Perhaps an excerpt to a book that everyone's talking about that the publisher has so kindly allowed me to use.  Am I talking about "filler"?  No, I'm talking about other items of interest that we of the bookish variety also enjoy learning about. 

Little tweeks at the Dew to make sure I don't become overwhelmed.  The last thing I want the Dew to become is "work".  It's a joy, the readers, writers and books are a joy, my friends that I've gained in the book world are a joy and I want to make sure it stays that way!

I need to either get rid of the high wire.......or the live chickens!  :)

So here's to a wonderful 2013, but perhaps at a more moderate pace.