Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stories Wanted!

This is no time to lay down in the traces and decide to stop writing!  Where have all my short story writers gone to?  Now quite of few of you have recently left the short story realm and branched out into full size novels... which is awesome... but leaves me in a pickle.  (Not quite a total pickle as I'm very much enjoying seeing the end results of these transitions into novelists.)

But... as of today I only have a few stories in the pipeline for March - panic!

Please remember the Dew and send me some goodies.  Guidelines are light, nothing too graphically violent or profane.  The Dew is not publishing poetry at this time, but we're open to flash fiction and short stories.  We prefer stories at least 750 words or greater, but flexibility has always been our motto.

Another great idea is sending excerpts from your novels that are coming out or you're promoting.  We love to share these samples of writing with others. I've done this for several authors along with short stories that they've written separately.

Hope to hear from all ya'll soon!