Sunday, May 29, 2011

Writers are NOT allowed vacations!

Alright now people, a crisis is at hand.  As I type, I have only SIX more stories lined up at the Dew for the front page.  While books for review are beating down my front door, apparently all short story writers are taking the Summer off.  This will not do!  Sharing your stories is just as important to me as the books I receive to review.

So this is a very nicely worded plea.  :)  Sit down, ignore the sunshine and warm water and instead bang out approximately 1,000 words or more for the Dew.

Tell your writer pals to share, tell your friend that's thinking about submitting that they should give it a try.  If you're a columnist, pretend the Dew needs a column!    If you're an author who wants to share a chapter excerpt of an upcoming or recently published book, we can do that!  

Ya'll really, really don't want me to start digging out my dog and kid you?