Monday, November 29, 2010

River Feast, A Poem

River Feast, A Poem

Once on a rock
Below Juliette, GA in the Oc.
Four fishermen broke leaven
near Shoal Bass heaven.
Standing in the Ocmulgee waist deep
Our kayaks tethered from drifting down river to keep.
For my several PB&J,

The previous day,
The whole wheat flour was freshly milled,
And when baked With homemade jelly and Skippy was filled.
The bread was baked immediately after the flour milling
And the on formula combination was healthy and filling.
Troy broke out his boiled shrimp.
They were firm, fresh, & spicy not limp.
Served from a plastic bag coated inside with spice,
The shrimp were a surprise and the size very nice.
The came Bill Bell with smoked salmon on a plank
shared with us there on the rock, not on the bank
A gourmet delight,
The smoky flavor and the texture was just right.
Drew came last with as usual the canned soup,
But as he ate, he circled the loop.
Tasting some of all as we all did,
Drew was a voracious, food devouring kid.
I remember him once having a breakfast of the Burrito Bomb,
Chased down with a Red Bull, burping with aplomb.
We were eating that day, sharing like kings at a throne
Except Drew had his corn chowder all alone.
He offered but no one except Drew wanted the canned fare.
So Drew drank it cold, burped and said, there.
Before the corn chowder juice could run down his chin,
He picked up his rod gave the shoal bass a spin.
A memorable meal for four friends on a lark
Four river men fishing from dark to dark.

© Blackwater Bill Prince 2010

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