Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spindle -Weave

Spindle - Weave

One spindle - two different weaves

You were woven for laughter and pleasure

For fancy parties and teas

For hands that were bathed in scented lotions

To be held while being helped into horse drawn carriages

To be kissed at the eve’s end and escorted to copper doors

To rest in a box filled with tissue paper and scents of lavender

Crisp white gloves, starched and pressed

One spindle, two different weaves

Tattered and worn

No lavender scents for me

No nice soft tissue paper for me to rest on

No kind hand will reach for these frayed gloves -

With missing finger tips

Mingled with the scent of blood and sweat

My color has faded, what use to be bright is now dark

There will be no remembrance of me

I will not be passed down from daughter -

to granddaughter

When night falls my resting place will be


One spindle - two different weaves


Author Angela D. Harris was born in Maryland and now resides in Danville Virginia.

Night Light is the first book Angela has published. She has completed one other book called, Tabby’s Great Adventure. She is working on two more children’s books, The Day Homer Hedgehog Laughed and There Once Was a Land, soon to be completed. To learn more about the author visit her web site at,