Monday, August 9, 2010



(Ars Poetica)

The Poem

waving its white-tipped crest

from the sure

line of mountains

sitting with the blue-green blades

of Kentucky grass

on the sidelines of a football

game of tag

the poem's white flag

circling your backyard

in the dark

one million fireflies

decorating the night air

like Christmas

lights warm the windows of


is the smell of garlic

a cabinet above the stove

and the recipe for

The Poem

taped to the door.

Author: LeeAnn Patrick

LeeAnn writes: "My Name is LeeAnn Patrick I live with my husband, five children and one grandchild in King NC. Most of my poetry involves my family as dedication, subject or inspiration. After finding the market for teachers non-existent, I found a part-time spot at a retail store. My work has appeared in tinfoildresses and The Saint's Placenta."