Friday, July 9, 2010

Sippin' Whiskey

Sippin' Whiskey

What I do is art; I make sippin' whiskey.

The other guys buy cheap corn and

throw in everything. Their idea of makin'

whiskey is too make as much as you can.

My stuff ain't for rednecks: it's for real

Southern gentlemen.

I take my sweet time to find the right

corn; sweet and mature but not too ripe.

It ain't about the volume, it's about

making it right.

I don't know how people drink that

rotgut stuff. I guess for them, cheap

is good enough. I don't put my stuff in

fruit jars or ceramic jugs. It goes into

wooden casks. It ages four a couple

a weeks.

There ain't no want for business. My

stuff sells as soon as it comes of age.

There are plenty of folks who love good

sippin' whiskey and are willing to pay

the price.


Author: Mike Berger, Ph.D.

Mike Berger, PhD is bright, articulate, handsome, and extremely humble