Monday, July 19, 2010

Mississippi Rain

Mississippi Rain

In the summer, I don’t always welcome the rain; not unless there’s a drought. The tropical downpour leaves the earth saturated in so much steam that the transplant swears the earth had boiled like a pot of peanuts just minutes before. After the rainfall, I’m a rebel mermaid, breathing vapor through gills while the transplant chokes and bemoans her frizzy curls.

That day in July when it got cooler after a Mississippi rain was the day the transplant and I went for ice cream: LuVel’s Caramel Turtle Pie. Between bites of salty pecans and sweet caramel, I suspected climate change was real.


Author: Avery Oslo

"I was raised by nomads and am a native of nowhere (but also of everywhere!). This makes me Southern not by birth (or the “grace of god” if those bumper stickers everyone has on their trucks down here are to be believed) but through choice. I’m currently working on a YA novel set in Nashville. You can find me over on my blog ( or on Twitter ( Hope to hear from y’all soon!"