Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heirloom Treasure

Heirloom Treasure

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

To some they seemed just scraps and pieces Grandma tucked away

deep in her bag of remnants from our families’ work and play.

A plethora of textures, colors, patterns, sizes, shapes,

from Grandpa’s tattered overalls, to Aunt Sue’s flowered drapes.

She kept my sister’s red plaid dress, my brother’s checked pants,

the satin dress my mama wore to her first high school dance.

Saved were old worn out tablecloths and faded aprons, too.

That scrap bag held a rainbow filled with yellow, green and blue.

With patience and rare diligence she worked her skillful art,

as Grandma cut and placed and stitched each precious fabric part.

She labored on through summer’s heat and fall’s fast ebbing light,

determined to complete her task by Christmas morn so bright.

Each square reflected cherished years…

Sweet memories to share…

Grandma’s heartfelt and special way to show her love and care.


Inspired by, and dedicated to my dear friend and amazing quilter, CLK.