Saturday, March 13, 2010

crescent city afternoons

crescent city afternoons (a wink to "on the road")
each afternoon
i would tear through
the spiderweb
of your limbs
to peer out the filthy window
dauphine street.
you often complained
about the bed,
slept in cruel phrases
of murmur
and touch.
my love of the french quarter
would fade
as you crept awake
beneath me.
no other city wants you alone
more than this one.
each afternoon, lee-ann,
your kiss would taste
of the hangover
haunting my dreams.

Derek Richards

After failing miserably as a rock star, Derek Richards began submitting his poetry,
August 2009. Over 130 of his poems have appeared in over seventy publications,
including Lung, Breadcrumb Scabs, MediaVirus, Calliope Nerve, tinfoildresses,
Opium 2.0, Dew on the Kudzu, Sex and Murder, Splash of Red and fourpaperletters.
He has also been told to keep his day job by Quills and Parchment. Nothing annoys
him more than poetry written solely to make someone feel stupid. His ferret, cat
and puppy couldn't agree more. Happily engaged, he resides in Gloucester, MA.,
cleaning windows for a livng.