Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Gentle Rain

A Gentle Rain

by Gina Below

He was beautiful! From the first moment I had ever laid eyes on him standing at my Mother's back door I had thought so. Still, after all this time he took my breath away. The few years we had been together had not diminished my appreciation for him.

I had heard him climb down from the roof as I had washed the dishes in our kitchen and my concern for his safety had sent me outside to the front porch. He was standing in the front yard of our first house, surveying his latest accomplishment with relief. Searching the roof for anything he had forgotten to do, anything that was not repaired. I could see the relief on his face, his fear of heights was a very real thing, but it had not stopped him from his task at hand. We had badly needed a new roof on our newly purchased fixer upper starter home and he had taken it upon himself to do it. Money was tight and we were newly married, and he had taken care of it himself. He did so many things well, and he had taken care of this because it had needed to be done.

Now he stood casually straight and tall, in faded Levi's and boots, removing his leather work gloves from his hands. I could not help but smile at the proud expression on his face for I knew what a challenge this had been for him. Somewhere in his genetic lineage Native American blood flowed for his copper sun-kissed skin glistened on his long well muscled shirtless arms and torso and once again I found myself appreciating the masculine beauty that was his. His blue-green eyes took in every detail of the roof and then they rested on me as a gentle rain began to fall.

"Looks like I got finished just in time" he said to me in his deep southern drawl. Then he smiled one of his rare devastating smiles as he stretched his long arms out to his sides and turned his face up to absorb the refreshing shower. His dark hair blew in the slight breeze as he continued to allow the rain to softly wash over him, he seemed to be silently giving thanks. I gave my own thanks for this man who had walked into my life so casually and completely. If ever there had been a prayer answered, here he stood smiling at me as the soft rain fell upon him.

Sometimes your life can change so completely with the slightest breeze, or the smallest of prayers, and it can take you places you've only dreamed. And sometimes a pair of beautiful blue-green eyes can wash over you like a gentle rain and your prayers are answered.