Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Six Questions For..

Jim Harrington has an interview site called, "Six Questions For...", where he interviews Ezine editors/owners, etc.

In his own words:
"In response to a post on my personal blog, a reader suggested I publish a series of interviews in which editors "list, in excruciating details, all that each editor desires in his/her stories." Wow. What a great idea. Not only does this provide authors with specific information about what editors are looking for in the submissions they receive, it offers editors a venue for advertising their publications and getting the word out about what, in their opinion, constitutes "good writing." If you: 1. have a question or comment, 2. would like to suggest a publication, agent, or publisher for me to contact, or 3. are an editor, publisher, or agent and would like to participate in this project, please contact me at sixquestionsfor@gmail.com ."

My interview is up for the next week or two. Go check it out and also browse through Jim's other interviews - you may find another site or two you would like to contact for your submissions.