Saturday, December 5, 2009



by your hips
it's so hot down here
blue swamps
taunts thick and damp
with each lick
of your eyes
shotguns wrinkle
folks around here
trap devils
under black porches
hang insults
with white lace and fear
women like you?
mercy already gone
it's just sweat
and the solemn sound
of shovels


Derek Richards:

After performing for years, as both a musician and poet, in and around the Boston area,
Derek Richards has recently decided to begin submitting his work for publication. So
far he has been accepted for publication in Ghoti Magazine, Lung, MediaVirus, Word Riot, Right Hand Pointing, Tinfoildresses, The Legendary, Breadcrumb Scabs, Shoots
and Vines, Cantaraville, Soundzine, The Centrifugal Eye, Strong Verse, Underground Voices, River Poets Journal and Halfway Down the Stairs. His poetry aims to be direct and honest, brilliant and lucrative. He is currently residing in Gloucester, Mass., happily engaged and cleaning windows for a living.