Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Acadiana

Christmas in Acadiana

The season there is unlike anywhere else.
It's often quite humid and hot.
Mosquitoes could be buzzing around.
It's unusual if they're not.

A fire in the fireplace is a treat when it's cold.
Friends and families all gather round.
There you help Mother Nature along
by turning the thermostat down.

Neighborhood streets are gaily lit
with twinkle lights high in the trees.
Bare brances silhouette against gray winter skies.
Spanish moss gently blows in the breeze.

There's a real variety of Christmas tree trim.
Tis a personal statement it's told.
Crawfish and gators can adorn the tree...
Not to mention purple, green and gold!

Shopping and baking are traditional things
for festive Acadians to do.
But please don't forget the time honored treat
of gumbo or delicious shrimp stew.

Christmas in Acadiana is different indeed.
You can't put a price on its worth.
For people will tell you they'd rather be there
Than anywhere else on this earth.

©Nita Risher McGlawn 1996