Thursday, November 26, 2009

Country Pictorial

Country Pictorial

The rural roads of the South
reflect a simpler time, like watching
the flickerings of an 8mm film.
Narrow gravel top roads with no markings
wind their way through the countryside,
single-car bridges span slow flowing creek beds.
Cotton fields dot spaces between pecan groves
that teem with trees full of sweet nuts and random
bundles of mistletoe that squat high in the tops.
Dirt roads jut left and right bearing the names of
generations past and present, their property bordered
by rusty barbed wire and weathered poles covered in kudzu.
And the barns, with breaches like gap-toothed kids
held together by square nails and habit. Their faded
rooftops still whispering the invitation to "See Rock City".

@stacey dye ~ 2008


Stacey Dye
has previously been published in the Camroc Press Review, Here and Now, Mused - BellaOnline's Literary Journal and will be in Cafe Del Soul in November.