Friday, October 2, 2009

Mrs. Betty Cherry

Mrs. Betty Cherry

Mrs. Betty Cherry’s hair is always in a bun but it tickles her calves
if she takes it down. It hasn’t been cut it in sixty-five years.

Mrs. Betty Cherry drinks a co-cola and take two aspirin before she
goes to bed. Says it makes her a little tipsy and helps her sleep.

Mrs. Betty Cherry wears cat-eye glasses on a silver chain. She runs
around looking for them when they are still around her neck.

Mrs. Betty Cherry taught fifth grade her entire working life.

Mrs. Betty Cherry talks like Aunt Pitty-Pat and is forgetful. She’s
smart like Einstein, but you have to listen closely to know that.

Mrs. Betty Cherry lives in a big old house with many doors and crazy
porches. Everyone says that house is haunted.

Mrs. Betty Cherry’s husband died under suspicious circumstances. They
don’t talk about it. He wasn’t home when he died.

Mrs. Betty Cherry’s son joined Mensa and she was so proud. They don’t
know why he hung himself in a jail cell in Valdosta.

Mrs. Betty Cherry drove into our yard waving a Japanese pistol her
husband brought back from The War. She gave it to my father saying she
was afraid to have it in the house anymore.


Rosanne Griffeth lives on the verge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and spends her time writing, documenting Appalachian culture and raising goats. Her work has been published by Mslexia, Plain Spoke, Now and Then, Pank, Night Train, Keyhole Magazine and Smokelong Quarterly among other places. She is the blogger behind The Smokey Mountain Breakdown.