Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Fine Line

A Fine Line

Well, it was my sister’s first wedding
I was less than thrilled about the groom
the bubbly was flowin’ freely
so I decided to partake.

A few glasses later
I was in rare form. Always fancied
myself as a cute, giggly drunk
but there’s apparently somethin’
about champagne that just
flat makes me mean.

What’d you get from the Shaws?
Is that a casserole dish? I slurred.
My sister is givin’ me the evil eye.
Is that from the whole family?
Okay, now I’m the center of attention-
With all the money they got you’d think…

That’s when I heard Mama yellin’
politely as she could, Stacey Anna!
Now, in my neck of the woods,
when you hear your first and last name
back to back, unless it’s Rosemary
or Betty Sue or somethin’ like that,
you’re walkin’ a fine line.

Everyone at the reception is silent
waitin' to see what I’m fixin’ to do.
At this point I figure, what the hell?
I’ve gone this far so I ice the cake,
Well damn Mama, they got more money than God…


Stacey Dye
Stacey has previously been published in the Camroc Press Review, Here and Now, Mused - BellaOnline's Literary Journal and will be in Cafe Del Soul in November.